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Wattpad is a website or app where you can read free e-books published by authors from all over the world . It also provides you the platform to write your own stories. It is my favourite app for reading novels of various genres for FREE. Although wattpad has launched a new feature these days where good stories are taken down from free section and are launched as paid stories. But don’t worry, not all the good stories are becoming paid ones.

I am a sucker for romance novels with strong female protagonist and lots of humour so most of my list of recommended stories will contain these things but if you are still uncertain to read then , worry not ! I will provide you a brief review of what you can expect to come across in the story before starting the novel.

I have been using this app for many years i.e. almost from 4 to 5 years so I know how to hunt for intriguing stories that contain fresh content. I am saying this because there are so many stories available there that it is very time consuming and tiring task to look for golden stories among the ordinary ones.

That’s where this blog comes in use . From now on I will do the task for you and provide you with the list of BEST STORIES THAT YOU CAN READ ON WATTPAD . So insteading of wasting time , lets get started !!!!


This is a whole series based on two opposite natured characters in the period of victorian history . The female lead is very feisty and notorious in nature who will immediately capture your heart with her impulsive actions and rash behaviour . The male lead is a strong and silent business tycoon who can do anything for the success of his business . You can expect humour, love, adventure,action , drama , mystery , suspense and so much more from this story that can’t be explained in few words.

This story is one of my super favourites ones and probably the kind of story that I can never forget in my life. So if you haven’t started this story then YOU ARE MISSING OUT SOMETHING INCREDIBLE.

This novel has 5 sequels –


2. A LADY’S GUIDE TO COURTSHIP BY J.D. Ruiz (greenwriter)

This story is also based on historical fiction . The author has written a series of novels which revolves around the characters of Everard family. It is the fourth book of the series and according to me it is the most special one too. I have read other books of this series too but this story is the one that has been embedded in my mind ever since I read it.

The female protagonist is a stubborn woman who always had a crush on the male protagonist and she is determined to make male protagonist realise that she is the perfect woman for him. Our male protagonist is also stubborn as mule who thinks that the heroine is just having a puppy love on him. The journey between their struggle is very interesting and kind of sad. Hence you can expect love , struggle , pain, mystery and rollercoaster ride of dark emotions while embarking in the journey of finding out whether the chemistry between the characters is ‘puppy love or real love.’


This story is based on teen fiction. The story revolves around the female protagonist whose past has messed up her present and no matter how much she wants to forget it, she is unable to do that so she always tries to hide behind a facade. Enter our male protagonist who is somehow a part of female protagonist’s past but they do not talk to each other anymore.

As you explore the story further you will feel a variety of raw emotions like grief, loss, longing and the need to move on. You will also discover the beautiful relationship dynamics between the main characters. Hence, you can expect to find sadness, love, true friendship, siblings’ love and ‘life is hard but not impossible’ type of vibes here.

My personal experience about this story is that this story is so deep that I wasn’t able to read it in one go. But it also kept me hooked to read it till the end. Even though the story is fictional, the emotions I felt while reading it was real. I cried, laughed, again cried but at last found solace just like the female protagonist after finishing it off. I think reading this story is DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

4. A THOUSAND WORDS BY Jess ( treblehearts)

This story is also a teen fiction which tells you the story of a girl who always smile and the boy who is always annoyed. The story starts with the male protagonist’s point of view where he starts to notice the female protagonist’s reaction to every situation. At first he judges the female protagonist with his cynical perception but things happen which forces him to observe the female protagonist in a new light which forever transforms his perception about the way people live and about life in general.

I liked this story because I somehow relate to male protagonist’s characteristics about judging people with a few stereotypes in our mind. Even though we claim that we are not judgemental but when we meet new people , we always put them in a particular prejudicial bubble which is easy to form in our mind but hard to burst. I learnt to value my life and loved ones after reading this story. I realised that I am very lucky to have such a great life. This is perhaps why I like reading stories because they teach me to appreciate simple things in our life.

Hence you can expect love, mystery, friendship, family, struggles people go through when they don’t have things we have and the value that’ we should appreciate whatever life gives us and move on when life takes away something.’

5. SILENTLY FALLING BY Liz (EverlarkCatoniss)

This story is also a teen fiction. If you are looking for a cute romantic story then this is THE BOOK for you. The female character is a mute in this story because of the tragedy about which you will find out when you will start reading this story. Although the female is mute she does not lack courage. The portrait of this character is done beautifully by the author as the female lead is strong and doesn’t feel inferior because of the things( like her lack of speech) which are beyond her control. Enter our annoying but cute male lead who also gives off some mysterious vibes. As the story starts progressing we learn that our male lead is very considerate and swoonworthy. You will immediately fall in love with the male protagonist because of his cute antics.

This story highlights a very sensitive subject which destroy the lives of women all around the world and as a feminist I condemn and stand against this horrid and inhumane crime. Perhaps this is reason enough to read this amazing story . You will also come across friendship, love, highschool drama and a beautiful ending which makes us come back to the reality that these types of stories are fictional and perhaps too good to be true. Therefore you should definitely read it if you like heartwarming love stories.

If you already haven’t started using this app then you are definitely missing out the chance to explore great stories.

If you are a regular user of wattpad then please share your experiences about whether you liked the stories or not .

Also tell me whether this post truly helped you in exploring good stories or not.

I hope you liked my post . Thank you for giving me your precious time. Hope you all have a good life !!!!!!!


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